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Products - Flash Autoclave Sterilizer

A compact, reliable and efficient Table Top Sterilizer is an asset for any Healthcare Institution – large or small. A small Institute may have only this system as its primary sterilization equipment. Whereas a large Institute may select the Table Top Sterilizer as a local system for express or urgent sterilization.
KEC STERILIZERTable Top Sterilizer has design and construction features as par with large hospital sterilizers and offer the user the same process assurance and safety. The Table Top Sterilizers are suitable for sterilization of solid, wrapped and tubular components and an optional liquid program. These Sterilizers use Microprocessor design, providing smart logic control for precision temperature monitoring and a full range of settings for diagnostics, drying and pre-programmed sterilization presets. The main feature is a powerful vacuum system for thorough inside-out sterilization of tubal instruments.

  • Class B And Class N Type Flash Autoclave Comes In 15ltr,18ltr,23ltr Also We Make Customize According Requirement.
  • It Is One Touch Operation Fully Automatic It Comes With USB And Thermal Printing Facility.
  • Laboratory Autoclaves Have Been Designed To Provide High Quality Repeatable Performance And Accountability For A Wide Range Of Applications Used In Modern Laboratories.
    • Liquid Sterilization (Using Two Flexible PT100 Probes) With Various Cooling Options
    • Pipette And Glass Sterilization
    • Instrument Sterilization (Wrapped Or Unwrapped)
    • Biohazard And Waste Sterilization
  • Designing as per ASME/PED directives


  • Pre and post vacuum facility for superior results.
  • Prior preset program.
  • Auto-fill arrangement for steam generation.
  • Pressure overloads protection.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Pressure operated auto lock door.
  • Pressure safety device.
  • Emergency and reset button & Bowie Dick and Pump test diagnostics