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Products - Autoclave/Steam Sterilizer

Steam Sterilizers continue to be one of the most ancient but widely used sterilization techniques in the Healthcare Industry for effective infection control. A Sterilization system also represents the most important investment in a CSSD. At KEC STERILIZER we ensure that our Steam Sterilizers provide true value to Healthcare Professionals with regards to design, performance and life cycle economy. Flexible options allow users the selection of the right equipment to satisfy their needs.

The chamber is a critical part of a Steam Sterilizer. It is a critical part due to the temperature and pressure variations, which it has to withstand. KEC STERILIZER offers you a chamber designed as per ASME section VIII and with documentation including weld qualification, radiography testing, and surface finish profile, material testing & hydro-testing. The sterilization chambers are provided with a sloping bottom to ensure complete condensate removal from the system. The chamber is equipped with a Jacket, improving temperature uniformity inside the chamber & also provides strength to the chamber.

  • 7”-10” Multi-Color Touch Screen Panel
  • Keypad Control Panel On Second Door Of Double Door Autoclave
  • Stores The Last 200 Cycles In Built-In Memory
  • Multiple Access Levels And User Passwords To Control Access/ Operation Of The Autoclave
  • Diagnostic In/Out Test (Enables Technician To Check Each System Component Separately)
  • Sterilization Temperature Range 105°C To 138°C
  • Designing As Per 21 CFR Part 11
  • Independent Recording For Cross-Checking Cycle Measurements
  • Construction As Per ASME/PED Directives
  • It Comes With Advance Algorithm For Water Saving, Power Saving And Auto Sleep Mode Which Makes Machines Running Cost Down
  • Having USB And Printing Facility
  • Pressure lock to prevent door opening when the chamber is pressurized.
  • Door process lock to prevent starting of the process unless the door is closed.
  • Over pressure safety valve for jacket and chamber.
  • Door obstruction safety in double sliding door machines.
  • Low water level protection is provided in steam generator.
  • Insulated chamber to avoid scalding to the operator.
  • Pressure vessel hydro tested for maximum quality assurance.